Originally Posted: 4.12.12

We always hear “Attitude is everything” and “Thoughts are things”

I have to share a story about how true that is.

Since I am gluten free, I am always searching for new places that offer gluten free items/menus. Yesterday I was craving a nice big delicious burger… on a bun! I love my salads, but once in a while I love to treat myself the the real deal. I drove to a burger joint that offers gluten free buns and as my boyfriend (Jared) and I were walking in I said, how I cant wait to have a burger and imagine if they ran out of the gluten free buns. Well… we placed our order, im getting excited, 15 minutes later the waiter comes out to tell us they ran out of GF Buns! The story isn’t over… since we will be moving into our new apartment on Monday, we are picking out paint colors for the wall. Last night, we confirmed what we are getting and Jared was going to pick it up today. I made another joke last night, “watch they have every paint option we want but that…” I get a phone call from Jared this morning the store he went to pick it up at had everything but that one!!! Need I go on? Power of the spoken word!

This is scary to think about, but it was brought to my attention recently: “Would you want everything you think about (or say) to come true?” Probably not!

Food for thought… Be careful about what you think to yourself and/or say out loud!