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If you are looking to satisfy that sweet craving, but you can’t have gluten or dairy, this is a great treat!

(Especially if you are anything like me, on the run and dont have time to make everything from scratch)

This is my simplified version of my favorite BabyCakes NYC Cookie sandwiches.  If you are ever in my hometown NY and near NYC, go here!!!! My favorite bakery of all time.  Everything is Vegan and mostly gluten free. 

*Bob’s Red Mill gluten free chocolate chip cookie  mix (Betty crocker now also makes GF cookie dough mix, but I have not tried that yet)

*Cherrybrook kitchen gluten free vanilla frosting mix for the filling. 

I substituted the dairy in these recipes with non dairy items.  If you are looking for a non dairy butter, I like the brand earth balance.  And for milk I always substitue with trader joes vanilla unsweetened almond milk.  Blue Diamond also makes unsweetened vanilla almond milk.

As the cookies are baking, make your frosting.  Let the cookies cool for a bit before you put the frosting on the sandwich.  Although I am sure it will taste just as good melted on!  …Plus you may not be able to hold for it to cool since it smells so good.  I know my family only waited about 5 or 10 minutes before they came into the kitchen for some taste testing. 

And wallah! A less complicated version of a babycakes cookie sandwich… and it tastes just as good 🙂