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To continue on with our weekend festivities, Ciara and I enjoyed an award winning lunch at Pizzeria Paradiso in Old Town Alexandria. They offer both gluten free & dairy free options. The pizza fanatic I am, I have tried my fair share of gluten free pizzas, and this has been by far the best!!! For starters, as you can see in the picture below, there is a crust! Any of you who are gluten free know what I am talking about. Most places throw sauce and toppings on a flat tortilla looking “thing” and call it gluten free pizza. Paradiso’s gluten free crust is homemade, not frozen, which is the main reason they set themselves apart from the rest. They went through trial and error with some previous versions, but their 3rd batch is a success! Since Ciara is vegan, she of course got a Vegan pizza and I must say it was quite good! They use Daiya cheese which is a top hit with most vegans. You can see there is a slice already missing from her vegan pie cause she got so excited and couldn’t wait to snatch a piece. :)Needless to say, I will be back… SOON!

To go along with the fantastic pizza you also get the “Old Town” charm. If you are looking to have a romantic night… Old Town Alexandria is the place to go.