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Ahh, nothing like a nice early morning workout! It’s been a while since I woke up early to workout (mostly due to the fact I rarely go to sleep before 1am). Jared usually wakes up at 4am to leave for work (gotta love the early fireman hours!) but due to him oversleeping and not waking up till 6am, I helped him get ready, packed his snacks and decided I was up and may as well be productive! Oh how nice that felt! Yes pulling yourself out of bed early may be tough, but afterwards you feel so amazing! Especially after a nice relaxing yoga session. It’s nice to know your workout is done early and out of the way so you can be productive the rest of the day doing other things. I am guilty of saying I don’t have time to workout, but the truth is we all have time…if we wake up just 30 minutes earlier we can all get in a nice run, walk, stretch…SOMETHING!
Tired lately? Well there is your fuel.

20120502-090332.jpgBody By Bethanny – So far I am pleased with this yoga dvd after only having done it a few times. Bethanny and the yoga instructor chat a lot but once I get focused I tend to tune it out. This isn’t your meditative yoga, but its great for balance and strength building.

What is your favorite type of workout and do you wake up early to get it done?