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Being that I have set some new fitness goals for myself lately to get back in as good of shape as I used to be, we are going to continue with the fitness theme today.  There are many ways to get exercise throughout the day even when you are not intentially going to workout.  I am more mindful of every aspect of my life lately.  First starters, I am conciously taking the stairs up to my office at work every day.  We have 6 floors and I am up and down them all day.  It may not seem like its a big deal, but it really is.  Say no to the elevator! *1  And if you are at the mall…take the stairs not the escalator.  The weather is starting to get really nice out now, so take that extra step and park at the further end of the parking lot at work or out doing errands.  You may be huffing and puffing at first from exhaustion, but don’t fret or whine because within a few days you will start to develop strength and be burning some extra calories.*2   If you don’t take action and start somewhere, nothing gets accomplished and you will not be on track to being the healthier version of yourself.  There are many other ideas I will touch on another time, but this is a start!  

Why it comes to goal setting, why do some people succeed and some don’t? It’s called the slight edge…to learn more about this, I HIGHLY recommend you read the book The Slight Edge to get a new outlook on every action you take in your daily life. 

It’s certainly a nice walk from the truck to the office!  (I know this picture is a few months old being there are no leaves on the trees, but I promise the parking lot and building still look the same)  –btw this is Jared’s truck and I LOVE it! Probably because I am so short there is a powerful adrenaline rush driving it.  😉

*1 You will also avoid the awkward slience and stare and sometimes odd smells which linger in them…you know what I am talking about.  But if you do take the elevator, you can still make it productive by breaking the silence and making new friends.  As far as the strange smell…I am sorry, I can’t help you. 

*2 Just because you’re burning some calories, this does not mean you can eat larger servings and have a piece of cake now if  your goal is to lose weight.  This seems like it would be common sense, but I don’t think it is so I am just letting you know.  🙂

What creative ways do you get exercise throughout the day?