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 Ok so now to this mornings breakfast.  Generally I tend to stay off all dairy, but on occasion I do have it.  I am a fan of Chobani’s greek yogurt. (Chobani is gluten free)Usually I stick with the plain and add my own sweetness to it through fruit and a little zylitol, then add my other toppings.  But today I was too tempted by a new flavor I found called Apple Cinnamon.   I topped it with blueberries, UDI’s GF Vanilla Granola & Flaxseed.   Most of their flavored yogurts are high in sugar from the fruit/cane sugar so be careful when you are watching sugar intake and looking to lose weight, but it’s a nice treat.  Chobani also always has awesome chunks of fruit at the bottom!  What you can do to control the amount of sugar is don’t completely stir the yogurt.  All the added fruit & sugar is at the bottom, so you can leave it there and just mix in a small amount to get the flavor.   I am not a calorie counter but I do like to know what’s in the foods I eat and its good to know Chobani is also low in calories and high in protein.  The plain is very low in carbs, so a great late night snack… dip apples in it.  Taste good I promise.  You can also use the plain as a substitute for sour cream to add to your healthy tacos. (I will get into that another day!) 

To make this a cleansing and weight loss enhanced breakfast, I recommend adding ground flaxseed to top it off.  I am a big fan of Bob Red Mills Ground Flaxseed.  Its rich in fiber & omegas!  Antoher great addition to add is Nutrilite’s invisifiber!