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This is a great quick and easy snack to just grab and go.   I love banana’s and I love almond butter… you put those two together + something crunchy and this girl’s in heaven.  I woke up around 6:30am this morning to help Jared prep for tonight’s dinner in the crock-pot (thank you Brandon & Victoria for letting us borrow it!).  He has a heavy rescue class all day today and tomorrow so we need to prepare our dinner ahead of time…especially since its beef short ribs which take FOREVER to cook.  I will let you know how that comes out later.   Anyways, I got munchy after prepping dinner so I grabbed the gluten free Italian cookies I bought last night at Wegmann’s (so delicious!), smeared some of my favorite Nature’s Promise almond butter (found at Giant & Stop & Shop) on it and topped it with a few slices of banana.  That mixed with the crunch of the cookie…oh so good!!!!

I was inspired by sweet tooth sweet life since she makes these a lot, but usually on bread… I prefer the crunch of the cookie.  And one cookie is only 13 carbs, so I don’t feel too guilty if I have one late at night.  😉