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Had a few great highlights this weekend.  Mom came down from NY this weekend to visit… and for Mother’s Day weekend and my mom brings ME flowers?  I must say they are absolutely beautiful so I’m not complaining!

(Yes these photo’s rock, I know… and why? Because they were taken with my moms iphone which is the newer better one!)

Thursday evening I had a workout with a dear friend of mine who is a personal trainer.  She developed a workout that caters to my needs and goals.  I am extremely pleased and excited!  Did my first interval workout that she created for me on Saturday morning and it felt fantastic!  The greatest part?  It’s a workout that can be done anywhere…from home to a hotel room.  Jared also worked out with me which was nice! 🙂 Always good to have a workout buddy if one is available!  Be accountable to someone else if you are having trouble being accountable to yourself.

Saturday night was an amazing evening spent with my businss partners and mentors in Weyers Cave, VA.  You are who you associate with, so it’s always great getting around leaders who guide you in the right direction that grow and stretch you as a person!  On the way there I ate my sandwich I made earlier using gluten free Schar sub rolls.  They were good, but I prefer their Ciabatta rolls instead.  They are both par-baked, which is nice because it only takes 5 minutes to bake and it tastes so fresh!  The Ciabatta rolls are out of this world and have a great fluffy consistency.  

Sunday aka Mother’s Day, Brandon, Victoria, Austin & Mom came over to our place.  We had banana pancakes, eggs & turkey bacon (low sodium).  Of course I topped mine with Chia Seeds and my favorite TJ Maple Syrup/Agave blend.    Awesome breakfast cooked by our amazing Chef Brandon & Chef Jared!

Another awesome picture compliments of Brandon’s much better iphone!  Clearly this plate was not mine since the non gluten free pumpernickel/rye swirl toast.  Plus, I am pretty sure my plate had a lot more pancakes I ODed on!  Yes, those were gluten free! Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free pancake mix, my favorite!!! Even better, when made with almond milk, they are dairy free too so Victoria could have them as well.  My only complaint? Not enough bananas! Next time they will be pureed into the batter along with chunks in the batter.  Mmmm. 

Victoria & Austin’s first Mother’s Day! 🙂

And Happy 6 months birthday to Austin today!!!!

The second half of Mother’s Day I got to spend alone with my love in Occoquan.  If you are in the NOVA area, its a super charming town!  We felt like we were on vacation! Lots of cute restaurants, cafes, bakeries and shops.  The weather was AMAZING.  Warm with a breeze.  (It’s palm tree, water & pina colada time!) They have 1hr long ferry rides as well that go down the river.  Unfortunately we didn’t have time to do it this time, but next time for sure.  Me + water = Happy

Great spot to steel a smooch from my honey! 😉

Lastly, we had some great friends over for Taco night!