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Cupcakes for breakfast?  Oh you bet!  Leave the sugar behind and have some eggs and turkey bacon instead.  If you follow  Paleo diet, this is a great on the go menu option.  I was inspired by a few different recipes I found and this was the end result.  Get your cupcake pans ready!   


Eggs (1 Per cupcake) or you can do a 50/50 whole egg-egg white mix

Turkey Bacon (Low sodium)

Peppers, Onions & Spinach (or veggies of your choice)

Cupcake tray

Coconut Oil



Preheat your oven to 400 Degrees

Grease your cupcake tray slightly with a little bit of coconut oil.

Line your cupcake pan with the turkey bacon (include a small piece on bottom)*

Sauté your peppers & onions halfway (make sure its chopped tiny)  – this is optional.  It works and tastes great without sauteing as well. 

Once veggies are sautéed, put in cupcake pan along with the chopped spinach.

Add your eggs to the cupcake pan.  We experimented and left two eggs whole to give a sunny side up effect.  They came out great as well!

*Optional, instead of lining cupcake pan with bacon, you can cut it into tiny pieces and throw in with veggie mixture.  If you do this, you will have more room to add a little more egg into each cupcake.  To make if fluffier and thicker, mix with a little milk (I use TJ Vanilla unsweetened almond milk)

Feel free to add scallions, chives, cheese etc… on top! 

Bake in the over for 15-20 min.  Depends on how well done you want it. 

Add Salt and Pepper to taste.


Make these in big batches early in the week to have a great on the go breakfast.  Tonight we will be trying it with the bacon in the mix rather than lining it to make the cupcakes a little bigger and the egg get more well done around the edges to make it more “muffin” like. 

On another note, lasts nights dinner wasn’t as exciting.  We just had leftover rotisserie chicken. I attempted to dress it up a little by stuffing half of and avocado with it and layed it on a bed of organic green leaf lettuce.   The dressing I made on top was delicious! Jared finished his whole plate, so even though it didn’t look pretty, at least it must have tasted good right?  I think if it were up to him though, he would have just eaten the dressing and left the rest.   

The dressing is also Paleo friendly (minus rice vinegar…I didn’t have apple cider vinegar on hand) I was inspired by a sauce I made with Ciara a few weeks back, I just changed this up a little bit

Honey Mustard Nut Sauce:

1 Tbls Water

1 Tbl Brown Rice Vinegar

½ Tbl Yellow Mustard

1 ½ Tbl Almond Butter

Stevia to taste (I use NuStevia – no bitter taste, but its still strong so only use a pinch!)

Tonight, off to sushi dinner with some new friends!  Mmmm.