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We did a remake of our breakfast cupcakes last night and were quite pleased with the results.  We loved the first batch, but it seems to be better to eat as its made, where as this batch is great for storing for the week and/or freezing and taking to go.  Shall we say much more “hand held” ?  Of course, as usual Jared couldn’t wait so he dug in the second it was out of the oven.  Actually… he was so antsy & excited he turned on the oven light and sat there to watch it cook.  Oh how I just adore him! He has been a great help in the kitchen. 🙂

Same concept as this recipe, but instead of wrapping the bacon around the cupcake pan, we cut it into little pieces with the rest of the ingredients. 

Here are some additionals pictures from last nights experimentation.  Pictures are worth a 1000 words, so this blog is going to be loaded!

Sautéing onions and peppers.  (Diced finely)

Filling the pans…


Approx one egg per cupcake.

Cooked for 20 minutes at 400 degrees the finished product is reavealed!



Now for yesterdays thrown together lunch.  This always fun… scrounging (is that a word?) through the cabinets and fridge throwing anything and everything into my salad bowl.  Came out fantastic…

Green leaf lettuce, baby carrots*, cucumber slices, chia seeds, Snapea Crisps, baby tomatos, a SMALL handful of cranberries, a few almond slivers and organic turkey coldcuts.  Topped with Whole Foods balsamic vinegar dressing.  I love this dressing because it doesnt have any sugar (which many balsmics do).  The ingredients are so simple and fresh. 

Put lid on and shake!

*Save your knife.  Break your baby carrots in half with your teeth.  Is that gross? I don’t know, but less to put in the sink so I’m okay with it.  Don’t worry, if you come over for dinner I will use the knife.  😉

Lastly, top with Gomasio! YUM!

Check back later today for my Crunchy Cran-Apple Tuna salad recipe and my Pumpkin Coconut smoothie recipe!

P.S.  Had an awesome sushi dinner last night with some new friends.  Oh how I love double dates and making new friends.  🙂  Amanda, if you are reading this, you and Bryan are not allowed to move to NJ!