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This weekend was pretty low key.  Jared worked a 24hour shift on Friday as well as today, which left me with lots of “me” time.

Toby was my date most of the weekend!  He has been great company, but I know he looks forward to his mommy and daddy coming home tomorrow!

On Friday I did some experimenting and cooked coconut crusted chicken cutlets. Next time I plan to add more coconut as well as some seasonings into the mix.  Other than that it came out good.  It was just an unsweetened coconut flake and rice flour blend.

I also made “paleo” pumpkin spice muffins.  They looked and smelled good… just didn’t taste good.  Needless to say that was a fail and I chucked ’em!  As with most gluten free cooking, the right combination of ingredients is essential or else the desserts will come out very dry and/or dense.  I am excited about the new blanched almond flour I just ordered online.  It got amazing reviews for gluten free cooking and baking! Once it’s delivered I will make something new up and let you know how it goes.  🙂

Saturday morning I got a nice workout in.  I did strength training mixed with interval training.  I love the morning workouts!  It’s a great feeling getting out of the way.  Plus, it energizes me for the day!

Saturday night I spent and amazing evening with successful entrepreneurs who are teaching me everything they know! It’s a true blessing being apart of such an amazing organization and business team.   I am truly grateful and appreciative. 🙂  It was a late night.  Got home from Richmond around 1:30am and went to bed around 2am.  Jared had to wake up for work around 4:30am for another 24 hour shift.  I know he was tired since we got home so late, but he didn’t complain one bit.  Instead, he was super excited and pumped about our future together and what we are learning and accomplishing together!

Thanks to Victoria’s recommendation, I spent a nice Sunday afternoon at Meadowlark Botanical Gardens.  Gorgeous place to just walk and read.

Cute turtle!

My favorite gluten free Schar Ciabatta bread!!! Mmmm soooo good!  If you are dehydrated Perfect Water is the way to go!!!!!!!!!!

After a walk with Toby around the neighborhood…

…the evening ended with more relaxing reading on my hammock on my porch (compliments of Brandon and Victoria again) 🙂

So why was it only an almost perfect Sunday?  Well, I burned BOTH arms on 400 degrees this evening.  OUCH!!!!! That’s going to leave a mark…

And, well of course… I missed (miss) Jared…beautiful days like today are hard to spend without him when we see so little of each other as it is!