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The highlight of my weekend in NY was of course getting to see my best friend Ciara on Friday afternoon.  AND we got to eat at my favorite sushi restuarant.  I miss good sushi!!  VA is lacking in that department. 

We kinda missed each other….

and of course since I missed sushi as well… I started devouring before I took a picture…

Then we took a trip to Wild Flours Bakery in Huntington Village to get some dessert… a gluten free, dairy free bakery.

Chocolate chip scone, chocolate cupcake with coconut icing that Jared and I shared and a fresh made dinner roll.  🙂

Thanks Ciara for sharing your dinner roll!

Ciara made a batch of about 30 pumpkin muffins from the Babycakes cookbook and she was so kind enough to share a huge bunch with me.  She is super talented in the kitchen.  They came out awesome! And Jared made it clear he wants me to make them too. 🙂

Then we had a family dinner at Buena Sera in Smithtown.  They have an awesome gluten free menu.  I defintely went a little overboard and ate way too much! Especially since I already had a big lunch.  But hey, it happens sometimes. 😉

Gluten free WARM italian bread and mozzeralla sticks.  YUM!  I usually stay away from the cheese, but I have not had mozzerella sticks in years, I had to try them! AWESOME! Although, my tummy didn’t think so later that evening… especially since dinner was baked ziti…more cheese.  Well, it was great in the moment!

Jared got the special below.  Don’t know what it was, but the flavor rocked!

Dessert was a gluten free cannoli to go, although I am not really a cannoli fan anymore, I didn’t end up eating much of it.  Plus, I was already on sugar overload and knew I had more sweets coming my way!

After dinner I took a drive with Jared to a few nice spots to show him around Long Island a little more.  We drove around for a few hours earlier and did some dream building driving through the beautiful homes on the North Shore by the water.

On Saturday we spent the day in NYC and Sunday a night at the beach.  I will be posting about the rest of the weekend next!  The good food isn’t even near over.