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Nothing like taking a newbie to the great New York City!!!! Although Jared has been twice before.  The first time wasn’t so fun for him so that doesn’t count.  He didn’t get to see much of anything.  The second time I took him, but we were on limited time so he only got to experience a little bit including the 9/11 Memorial which was beautiful!  This time around we had ALL day without being rushed.  Our first stop was Battery Park to take the ferry to Ellis Island.  Boy did we pick a bad day! There was about an hour long line just to get tickets, then another line that was probably 2-3 hours long to get on the ferry.  Needless to say, we will do that another time… It worked out great though because we walked up the boardwalk along the west side of the city heading uptown.  The view is sooo amazing and its so relaxing.

We sat here and had lunch.  Since mom stocked the fridge for us, we made sandwiches from home.  As complex as food can get, sometimes there is nothing better than just a simple turkey sandwich with mustard! Ok and I wanted to save room for dessert. :/ Guilty…

Eventually we made our way to Times Square.  (Ok we cheated and took the subway near 9/11 Memorial) …with all the walking we did throughout the day I don’t feel guilty one bit!

After walking from Times Square up Fifth Ave, in and out of all the luxury stores…DREAMBUILDING!  (P.S. We walked into the engagement floor at Tiffany’s and we were congratulated on being newly engaged by one person and married by another…not sure how that works…you would think they would assume we are LOOKING to get engaged/married.   Wierd… But hey, we were okay with it and didn’t correct them.  Didn’t want to be rude of course.  😉
The Next stop was Central Park!! We walked all the way up to the Boathouse… which is around 78th street… see… I told  you we walked  A LOT!

From here we walked back to civilation and had some fun in F.A.O. Schwartz… probably Jared’s favorite part of the trip.  We got Austin some gifts… can’t tell you yet cause he doesn’t get them until tonight.  🙂 Ok Ok, I will tell you one…it’s a Nerd.   Yup, I said a Nerd.  I got my 6.5 Month old nephew a nerd.   Did I confuse you yet? 

Got a little gloomy for a few minutes, but the weather held up!

We then went back up to Times Square and ate at The Counter.  They have gluten free burger buns there.  I been craving a nice big burger and fries!  We weren’t really dressed up to go anywhere fancy anyways.   The burger is great, the fries are amazing there! Especially the sweet potato fries.  Im obsessed with sp fries. The buns were just okay. They use the UDI brand burger buns which are not my favoite since I feel they are a bit dry and crumbly.  Which is surprising since I do enjoy their whole grain sandwich bread.  Either way, it served its purpose!

Yup there is more… FROM THERE… we went BACK DOWNTOWN to near the williamsburg bridge to make our last and final stop to Babycakes NYC!! Oh yeaaa…. My favorite gluten free, vegan dessert spot.  🙂  We got a few cookie sandwiches (brough home for mom and Ciara), and we got a banana maple donut, chocolate brownie bite and Jared got a red velvet cupcake (the non gluten free version).  The donut was out of this world! My new favorite next to the cookie sandwiches.  I can do without the brownie bite. 

See, I told you…sugar overload right!? Oh but it was sooo worth it… I didn’t eat it all at once… I promise! Just almost all at once.  😉

On Sunday we saw some family and then we enjoyed a nice relaxing early afternoon at Robert Moses beach.  We walked to the lighthouse (yes, ALL THE WAY through the nude beach…Jared had no idea what he was in for!! :P) SURPRISEEE HONEYY
After we finally climbed to the top of the light house Jared got to see the view, which was amazing…showed him where Fire Island is.  Next trip we plan to take the ferry there so I can show him the cute towns & homes there!

I think we can say we had a pretty darn good weekend, wouldn’t you?