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We came back from NY on Monday early evening.  Too lazy to go to the food store or cook we decided to have a date night and enjoy dinner and a movie.  We ate at a local restaurant Sweetwaters, that also has a gluten free menu.  And we also had a gift card to use from there so that helped us make our decison. 🙂  Forget dinner, I want to talk about dessert.  Again…

Flourless chocolate waffle.  HELLO! Awesomeness… Not my first pick on desserts since its loaded with refined sugar and who knows what else, but for a treat, its darn tasty… I did have the ice cream with it as well, but it was a small amount.  I think I tend to be okay eating ice cream as far as dairy is concerned… just again, as usual, not the sugar intake. Ugh. 

This is the last of the sweet overdose goodness you will see for a while.  Jared and I are going for 30 days without junk.  No chips, no fries, no pasta, no candy, cookies, cake, etc… MINIMAL whole grain bread for sandwhiches if necessary.  As far as grains, only whole healthy grains such as oats (not packaged instants), quinoa, minimal brown rice, etc… I don’t go by a strict rulebook, just guidelines.  If you need “rules” then I would say I follow the 80/20 rule.  80% pure healthy clean eating.  I need to be even stricter than Jared for health reasons to get my body back in balance.  I will also have a little fruit (for my green smoothies, oatmeal, snack, salads and such)  I know myself and I can’t stay on track if I block everything out of my life.  I will also have perhaps MINIMAL pumpkin butter (the brand I have at home that I need to use up has sugar), or FRESH preserves with no added sugar (I like Trader joes), minimal raw honey or vanilla/chocolate protein powder.  That’s about it as far as exceptions.  I am on day 3 and already feeling better!! 
For dinner Tuesday, we did just a quick meal since we were on the run and had a meeting to go to in the evening.  Spagetthi and meatballs without the carbs?! Yup! Ok so no meatballs cause we didn’t have time to make them, but next time there will be meatballs for sure!

Tomato Sauce (check the sugar in it before you buy) Or even better make it fresh if you have time

Peel and shred the zucchini, throw in a pan with a drop of oil to saute and soften it a little.  That’s it.  Another option is to bake them in the oven to soften them a little, then shred it.  If you do it in the pan, it can get a little watery so just make sure you drain the water out or you will end up with a pool in your plate like I did because I forgot. 🙂