Remember a few weeks ago I mentioned I was no longer going to be taking the elevator at work?  Keeping in my I am up and down stairs all day… Well, its been about 4 or 5 weeks and I still have not taken to elevator! I’ll tell ya…my calves have built some muscle.  You wouldn’t think that little change can make a difference, but oh it can! Have you set a new challege for yourself lately?

I did about 30 minutes of P90X on Wednesday.  Phew, exhausting! Probably didn’t help I was pretty dehydrated the last few days.  I will do it every once in a while since Jared has it in the house, but personally I am not an excited fan because I don’t find it fun.  I need to enjoy my exercising to an extend or I won’t stick to it.  Yesterday morning around 6:30 I did a 25 minute workout doing strength building with my weights at home.  Feels good getting it done early!

Remember yesterday’s post when I said we will be giving Austin his Nerd?  Well, he loves his Nerd!!! And so does Jared… he may steal it back if Austin doesn’t hold onto it.

Anyone who knows Brandon, looking at the picture below…you know for sure that’s his son with the mouth wide open all the time!

Earlier he devoured his bananas. 

C’mon cutest baby EVER…I know!