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Can I just brag a little?  Hope you said yes, because I am going to.  Jared is my absolute hero.  I really adore this man.  I mean REALLY.  I don’t think I can tell him enough.  If there is one thing I have learned is so important in a relationship next to communication, its appreciation.  Babe, I love and appreciate you so much! 

Last week if you remember he got me these.

On Tuesday he surprised me made me an awesome colorful lunch!  Healthy to impress. 🙂  Along with lunch was a beautiful and sweet card…and yes he is one of those guys that actaully writes in the card!  hehehe

We were not too hungry Tuesday night, so for a healthy light (and late!) dinner, I made him this.  Yes, Jared drank something green. He even liked it! Maybe even loved it?  Banana Pinapple Spinach Smoothie.  Mmm… I must say it was quite delicious, I am pleased with myself.   (Today’s attempt at a HEALTHY Green {leafy green not food coloring green!} Mint Choco Chip breafast smoothie was a failure…)  I’m glad he wasn’t around to sneak a taste! 

Then I came home from work yesterday and he got me a gift card to go to get a mani and pedi today! AWEEE.  Seriously he is the best right!?
But that’s not all folks….he made me salmon with quiona and asparagus for dinner list night!  He really is so cute in the kitchen.  And kinda maybe sexy too.  😉  Shhh, don’t tell him I think I have a crush on him….

See what I’m saying?  He is seriously the best.  This weekend he is taking me somewhere on Saturday.  It’s a surprise.  I love surprises. 🙂 I get him for the WHOLE weekend!!  What do I mean by whole weekend?  Well, he doesn’t have work Fri, Sat OR Sun… and it’s not because we have “stuff” to do or “places to go” so he had to take off.  He is off just because he is off and that makes me SO HAPPY!!!!!! 
P.S. I miss you so much right now. 😦 Can’t wait to see you tomorrow morning.

Today, I went to lunch with Victoria & Austin.  How can your heart not just melt looking at him?!