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Once again falling behind on my blogging and lots to catch up on!  This time of year rocks.  It’s festival season!  I LOVE festivals.  Especially smelling all the awesome food I can’t eat. hah.  It’s okay, I will be better off in the long run.  🙂  But either way, they are so fun. 

Every corner we turned there was live music!

Brandon and Victoria spent their 4 year anniversary in Ocean City, MD Friday through Saturday.  They are so sweet and brought us back the cutest gifts!!! Have I mentioned how much I love them??

Ok, how cute are these?! And they totally match our dishes!

Nothing like a little beach sand.  😉  Beach Front Property…. YUP!
I’m all about it. 

Last but not least, she got me the cutest little plumeria hair clips…although they look so good on our dream board they may stay there!

Do you have a dream board?