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VICTORIA! She made me the most awesome lunch today.  Talk about the mastery of food art? She’s got it! And you thought salad was just yucky green leaves on a plate?  l love this girl.  She is my inspiration for many things.  Cooking, being a woman of strength, being a leader, being a good example, my blog, communication, helping me keep my butt in gear in many aspects in my life… she’s honest and real with me and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Yup she loves me alright. 🙂

Check this out!  (I didn’t getting a photo of the roasted buckwheat she made on the side as well.  AWESOME! I want some more right now actually) 

Austin is one lucky kid by the way!  She has been pureeing all his newly introduced fruit and vegetables fresh.  If you want to know how to spoil your little one with the healthiest foods possible, she’s your woman!  

P.S. Had an awesome weekend in VA Beach with Jared.  Lots of pics to come!!!!