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Ever see pictures like this all over, people so peaceful, happy and healthy looking? That can be YOU!
That will be YOU!
That IS you!

As I was driving to the gym last night (about 10:45pm or so) something went through my mind.  Ever hear the quote “Be the change you wish to see in the world” ?  Well how about we change that up a bit.  Be the change you wish to see in yourself!  What does that mean?  “Act as if…”  If you were a healthier you, how would you live?  What would your daily habits be like?  What would you eat? How would  you feel?  Great, got that in your mind now?  OK, now why not do those things?  It’s a decision backed by committment.  The reason why I am doing this 30 day challenge is not to tell anyone what to do for 30 days, but more of an accountability thing.  When you take on a challenge and publicize you are more committed, because now its beyond just me.  There are words spoken and people watching.  Just like the rest of the world, I have reset goals over and over, but I am never really committed.  I have been close, but never fully 100% in.

Today June 12, 2012 I am committed to being the healthiest me possible (with hope to inspire others as well).
I am not going over all of my goals but a few main things I would like to achieve:

  • lose a little weight (I will not be weighing myself because it’s not about the #, it’s about how I feel)
  • tone up
  • clear up some skin reactions
  • improve my digestive system
  • increase my energy level

I have no rule book.  I can’t tell you what “diet” I am following or what workout routine I am following because I am not following anything in particular since I do not believing in dieting, I am about living.  I am not counting calories.  When you eat whole and clean as possible , you should not need to count calories.  I am mixing a little bit of common sense with some personal goals that will stretch me.  I am going to be pushing myself harder than ever before.  All in.

I will be tracking my daily activity based on foods I am eating (again, not because I am counting calories, it’s just good to know where you started and this way you tweak things if you find something isn’t working… as well as to establish if you have any food reactions) Maybe you will notice every time you eat a certain food you get bloated?  I will also be tracking my workouts so I can see how far I have come from Day 1 to Day 30.



I am committed to getting exercise 4-6 days/week. (Find ANYTHING you enjoy and you don’t need a gym, so no excuses)
I am committed to having 5-6 small meals a day.  (Every 3 hours or so). i.e. for me it will be around 9am, 12pm, 3pm, 6pm and somewhere between 9pm and 12am depending on when I get to the gym.
I will being eating mostly whole foods such as vegetables, some fruits (less sugary fruits), lean proteins, some complex carbs/grains and some healthy fats.   I will be also continuously be keeping gluten and diary eliminated from my diet (which I recommend everyone to at least give a try since gluten can lead to weight gain and is not easily digested by many people…even if you don’t have celiacs).  If you have other certain dietary restrictions, just incorporate that in.
**Exluding my dietary restrictions I mentioned, notice how I focused on what I will be eating, not telling you everything you shouldn’t eat?  Incorporate the good things in and it will be easier to crowd the junk out.

Keep in mind, although it doesn’t seem it because my blog is so wordy, I will be keeping this simple.  I work work full-time, I have a business, I have family committments, a boyfriend, committed to my blog, I travel alot and I have a life.  Some people spend their life in the kitchen and at the gym.  That’s not the real world.  That’s not me.   This is the “healthy u” challenge for the real lifers. 

Are you in? (You can leave a comment below or message me if  you are in and I will be the best support I can be for you or you can keep it to silent, but again, I find it easier to commit to something when you are accountable to someone other than just yourself.  )

P.S. If you are taking on the 30 day challenge, don’t follow everything I do as I go along if what I am doing is not your goal.  Maybe you are in great shape but want to push yourself harder than me?  DO IT! Maybe you have not worked out in years and haven’t eaten anything green since  you ate grass when you were playing outside as a kid…so doing a few push, squats and situps 10 minutes a day and incorporating a few salads a week will be a great goal to start with for you! JUST DO SOMETHING!

Are you willing to take the next 30 days to push yourself harder than ever before?

There is nothing more powerful and amazing than to look at yourself in the mirror and smile with confidence!  At the end of the challenge you will feel better about yourself (and perhaps even set a goal of treating yourself to something you have wanted because you made it through the full committment)  i.e. I want a new camera for my blog.  😉   Sorry iPhone, I love you, but we need to end our photography relationship.  It’s just not working out between us in that way.

Lastly, here is today’s breakfast.  I know it may look gross to you, but it was pretty good.  🙂

Fruit & Chia Parfait
1/4 Cup of chia seeds
3/4 cup of vanilla almond milk
Handful of blueberries
Handful of chopped strawberries
Handful of walnuts and coconut flakes
2-4 drops of Liquid Vanilla NuStevia to taste (you can use honey or xylitol as well)

Mix the chia seeds and almond milk together.  Put in fridge for about 30 minutes.  Add your toppings of choice.  Eat! Chia seeds expand in liquid making a thick consistency that is filllng.  They are also super high in fiber and omegas.

Recipe adapted from my good friend Ciara.