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Wow, has it been a crazy week. Hence me being MIA and not blogging lately. So much too catch up on.Such as my awesome Virginia Beach trip with Jared a week ago… I will be working a bit backwards here on my blogs the next day or two. 🙂 I don’t mind, I get to re-live all the excitement! For starters, mom moved down last Thursday. Yummy fruit salad to energize mom on Saturday…so refreshing on the long hot days when you are surrounded by boxes! On Friday I whipped together a mango banana smoothie for her. Today Jared and I treated her to a 1 hour long massage to soothe some of those aches and pains. She deserves to be spoiled. 🙂


Friday night we all went out to dinner at a new nice restaurant by her new place. AMAZING food! Cute charming area to walk around too. We liked this place so much, we went back for Father’s Day on Sunday! Check ’em out if your in the area – Desiderio Italian American Grill. They really take pride in their food and customer service is impeccable. With my gluten intolerance and Victoria’s dairy intolerance on behalf of little Austin, they really took wonderful care of us.

I got steak salad which was so delectable! The steak was very tender. It came with a balsmaic glaze and gorgonzola dressing on the side. A few others around the table got chickem parm. I did sneak a taste… and WOW!!! You MUST come try it!

So charming! The inside was very classy, but who eats indoors in this gorgeous weather!?


Last night Jared and I had dinner with my mom, his mom and his brother at the Plaka Grill in Vienna. THANK YOU THANK YOU Brandon for telling us about this place! Hello Greek!!!  If you are looking for a killer Gyro, this is your place. Fresh, juicy and flavorful without a doubt.  I got the Chicago Gyro (without the pita) on a bed of lettuce.  *Everything on their menu is labeled for dairy, egg and gluten allergies.  Jared got the Plaka Gyro with side of fries.  Of course I had to cave in and have some fries.  Probably more than I should have considering my 30 day challenge, but hey noones perfect right?  I have been pushing myself to my max the last week so I don’t feel guilty.  Nor should you if you slip up.  Be the best you you can be cause that’s good enough!
*Guess I should also fess up and let you know I had some Sweet Frog frozen yogurt on Sunday for Father’s Day.  I mean how can I not celebrate for all Father’s around right? 😉

In light of the above, I kept this morning’s breakfast light.  Nothing like good ‘ol over medium eggs with a little S&P.  (and 1 slice UDI Whole Grain toast…a must need for over medium eggs to dip into the ooey gooey yolk!)  Funny how I used to despise runny eggs… times & taste buds change eh!? 


After all that food review…it’s about time for my 3:30 fruit salad snack!

P.S. I probably should be banned from buying Justine’s Honey Almond Butter.  I am pretty sure I lose all self control when it’s in front of me.