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This recipe rocks! So far this is the 3rd time I made it.  First two times were a fail… due to too much protein powder and a crappy pan… (Well the pan is actually my favorite… but for meat and chicken, clearly NOT pancakes!) Shh… don’t tell Jared, but I think he is right.  Everytime he messed up the eggs and pancakes in that pan I blamed him even though he said it’s the pan… It’s a greenpan of some sort and nothing sticks to it, but it heats up too fast for delicate foods.

Moving on, there are many variations with this recipe and I plan to experiment a little more, but here was today’s success.  Pancakes for lunch that is.  😉

Protein Pancakes
(Inspired by here)

1/4 cup of egg whites
1 scoop of protein powder (soy, rice, whey) *
1 T almond flour (optional… I was just experimenting)
1 tsp Pumpkin spice or cinnamon
1 T ground flaxseed
1/2 mashed banana
Berries (Optional)

*I used about 3/4 scoop.  The first batch I used a full scoop and I felt it was too much.  Also depends on what kind you use, some are 15+ grams a scoop whereas others are 26+ 

Mix all the ingredients together and add optional berries in mix (I added blueberries).
Heat up a pan, once pan is hot spray with coconut oil (or another high heat oil), reduce temp to medium and add batter to cook like a regular pancake.  (flip when it looks crispy at ends and/or starts to bubble on top)

I topped mine with a little NuStevia powder and strawberries. 

Next time I will be adding  almond milk and/or applesauce and see how that changes the texture.  I will keep you updated on how it goes.  Either way, today’s lunch = YUM!!! My appetizer was a dark chocolate honey mint thin from Trader Joes.  I was good and restricted myself to just one.  Those were literally the only 3 ingredients, how awesome is that?!  Goodbye york peppermint patties! EW!

On another note, not coming prepared with adequate snacks yesterday and getting off track = overdose in the only thing I could find.  Double Bubble Gumballs…. Not smart.  Ok and I wanted to see how many times I had to turn the darn dial before I would get a blue gumball.   I am gumablled out.  Which is a good thing since it’s horrible for the digestive track and tummy bubbles!