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My whole evening was planned out in specific time frames last night. (Pre-planned on Tuesday evening) I have done never done that before, but it worked it very well and I got more accomplished than when I don’t plan my evenings. Although one must always leave room for flexibility as I did have a hair dilhemma that left me an hour behind. Moving on, I got back on track and things got done and it felt great to have a “me” night while Jared was at work.

Dinner was pretty quick and simple last night. Roasted buckheat (a gluten free grain) in a pan for 5-8 minutes until slight brown then throw in boiling water. Let simmer for 20 minutes on medium with lid on. (1 cup of buckwheat: 2 Cups of water ratio)
While that was cooking I stiry fried up a vegetable stir fry mix I got from Trader Joes. It may cost more to by mixes, but in the end it saves me money because when I buy bulk half of it goes bad before I can use it all. All I did was add a little Tamarai, Gamashio and Lemon Juice (so I didn’t have to add MORE salt). That’s it!

Lasts nights dinner was great for lunch today… threw the buckwheat into a salad mix with honey mustard dressing & fresh raw veggies.

On another note, I forgot to share with you the breakfast Jared made me on Sunday morning. 🙂 French Toast on UDI bread! And the mush in the corner was fresh oatmeal I made. Looks gross, tasted awesome.

How do you manage your time to get the most out of your day?