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Happy Friday everyone!!! Hope you are all having the same beautiful weather where you are. I am pretty sure we hit over 100 Degrees today. In light of that, I knew it was time for some smoothie making! Due to the heat wave, Victoria was stuck inside with Austin so I brought her over a smoothie. Unfortunately I ran out of ice so it was melting super duper quick! BUT I luckily has some frozen fruit and bananas to chill it.

Naturally, I had to name it after her. 🙂

Vika Sunset Smoothie
Ingredients: 1 cup of almond milk, handful of frozen pineapple, strawberries and frozen banana. BLEND AND COOL DOWN!


Gorgeous sunset from last night on the way to Winchester [excuse Brandon’s dirty windshield 😉 ]

Lunch today: I love recreating leftovers! This is the best part about cooking in large batches. Cook once and eat for several meals. 🙂 My last 5 lunches and dinners have been alone since Jared has not been around. I look forward to actually seeing him tonight for date night! AND GUESS WHAT?! Date day tomorrow too!! WOOHOOO!

Roasted Buckwheat, marinated artichokes (pre-made from Trader Joes), Sundried Tomatos – for some reason I have been craving sundried tomatos even though I have never bought them! Added great flavor to the dish! (from Trader Joes) and leftover grilled chicken.

Tip: If you are feeling bloated and have stomach bubbles regularly, start tracking your meals daily in a spreadsheet and how you feel at the time. I thought I was ready to consume mushrooms as well as cruciferous vegetables… turns out not so much. Does NOT agree with my digestive track at all at this point in my life and it’s not worth paying the price for several days. Needless to say my stir frys won’t be including quite a few veggies next time.

What’s your favorite thing to eat or do to cool you down on these hot summer days?