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On Friday night I actually prepared & cooked a FRESH chili lime turkey burger! Giving myself a pat on the back for that one.  One, because cooking meat is not my forte, two, I depise touching raw meat.  To go with it I made sweet potato fries and steamed string beans with sundried tomatos and almonds.

For the chili lime burgers I was influenced by two websites here and here.  Jared seemed to have no complaints except the usual…he wishes we had a REAL grill.  I don’t blame him! Other than that…. tasted great and full of flavor.  I also made garlic aoili sauce ( vegan mayo, paprika, garlic powder, a little lemon or lime optional).

Chili Lime Turkey Burger – The star of the meal
I unfortunately didn’t measure anything out this time around. But I used the two recipes above as guidelines and mixed in juice of 1 lime , fresh cilantro, cumin, 1 shallot, 2-3 T precrushed garlic (so it was a few cloves worth), dash of chili powder, dash of salt.  Mix it all together and cooked on the pan.
Sweet Potato fries: cut sweet potato into fries, coat with a little melted coconut oil (or other high heat oil), add paprika, salt, pumpkin spice, stevia or other flavors of choice.  Heat for about 25-30 minutes on 450.  Baking time varies sometimes. Just keep an eye on it.
String Beans are steamed for about 15 minutes and mixed with Trader Joes sundried tomatos (look for ones that do not have sugar in mix), almonds, a little salt or other seasonings to taste.

As for the rest of the weekend… on Saturday Jared bought me a new camera! So you will see lots of gallery pictures posted below with me playing.  🙂  For dinner we went to the pizza place I love in Old Town Alexandria with the GF pizza.  This time I did half of it with the vegan cheese, basil and sauce.  Delish! After we got back home, we met up with Brandon & Victoria for dessert at Jireh bakery in Centreville.  I got a gluten free sweet potato pastry which always rocks my world! Then we made one last stop at the new Centreville Sweet Frog so Victoria could cool down.  🙂