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I’m back! I have been MIA for a while, but I am back.  I am super excited about a juice cleanse I did last week.  It was 3 days of awesomeness.  The end result? lost about 4lbs, detoxed, glowing skin, bloating gone, feeling refreshed! What a way to start off the cool fall weather coming?!  If you have been bloaded for nearly every day of your life (in my case most of my 26 years alive), I highly recommend a juice cleanse.  I also have a leaky gut which causes my food to not digest properly as well as be somewhat deficient in nutrients that my body isn’t absorbing and weakening the immune system.  In order to repair the intestines and the wall lining you must void out the crap that damages it in the first place.  A juice cleanse is a great start to “reset” your body and get you into a good habit.  After searching through quite a few I made my decision to go with the Ritual Cleanse.  They had the best reviews, best taste, 100% organic AND they juice everything fresh the day before you want to start your cleanse and then ship it overnight to you.  (From California!)  The cold press juicer they use also preserves about 4x as many nutrients as a traditional juicer you would find in a local store.  I did the seasonal reset which replaces 1 green juice with a juice made from the fruit in season.  Right now its a mixture of watermelon, strawberry and a few other things. HEAVENLY!

Prepping:  Eat light for a few days prior.  (They will send you directions when you order.) They recommend eating mostly raw fruits and veggies.  Easy to digest foods to give your digestive system a rest.  Same goes for when you finish the juice cleanse.  Ease new foods in slowly. 

Due to the lack of fiber, if you do happen to have issues going to the bathroom, they recommend getting “Get Regular” Yogi Tea which is a natural laxative. 

If you want to workout, you can!  They have something called “Shred” which provides 2 extra juices per day for pre and post workout.  The post workout is made from almonds so you get a healthy source of protein.  I didn’t try this, but it sounds amazing!

I plan to do this again for sure within the next 3-4 months!!!!! Jared even plans to do it with me.  He tried all the drinks and surprisingly thought they tasted delicious as well.  Even the green ones!!!!!! It was not as hard as I thought it would be.  There were a few moments I smelled food and wanted it, BUT if I really listened to my body I was NOT hungry AT ALL.  It was all mental.  You want it because you see it and smell it.  The juices were filling.  (15lbs of fruit and veggies a day is filling!!!) Most of the time I barely drank juice #6.  (Didn’t help I was not a fan of it since it was made from cashews, next time I plan to swap out for an almond based one).  Also note, the drinks are free from most allergens including gluten and dairy, but they are really great at accomodating ingredients if you have an issue with something i.e. nuts.

Yes, its a little pricey, but can you really put a price on your health? Especially if it makes you feel so good?  Or… if you prefer you can spend all of your money on copays and antibiotics leading to more issues and copays.  Just sayin… 😉  They do offer plenty of 15-20% discounts regularly though so keep a close eye out and follow them on twitter and FB!

P.S. The customer service is amazing! One of the owners, Marra was in touch with me regularly.  Every time I emailed her she wrote me back so quick!

Happy me post cleanse!

On Sunday I spend an amazing day in DC with Jared and just have to share this beautiful picture from the Adams Morgan area.  (followed by D.C. Zoo awesomeness!)