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Lets have a little fun today!  I want you to describe to me what you perfect day would be like?  If you could wake up tomorrow and have the perfect day, what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you be with?  Really get in touch with you 5 senses here.  I’ll take you back to grade school and remind you of the 5 senses: See, Touch, Hear, Smell, Taste.  They are simple everyday things that we take for granted.


I’ll start…

I would wake up next to the love of my life aka Jared when I was rested.  Whether it be 6am or 10am…as long as my body is rested! My body is my alarm clock.  My first thought?  PEACE OF MIND! Feeling of bliss.  I look outside the window to see the reflection of sun and colorful trees on our lake.  All the windows in our home (yup we have a home on my perfect day) are open as the crisp fall area blows in.  It’s not cold yet, but just a slight cool fall breeze.  You can smell the leaves and cool air.  The leaves are changing colors.  It’s sunny and serene.  I am relaxed, healthy and financially independent working soley for myself.  Once I am up I will do some sunrise Yoga and/or Qi Gong.   From there, Jared and I will concot some delicious pumpkin pancakes with fresh berries(mildy sweet with a hint of spice, melt in your mouth good and really enhancing the time of year!) in our awesome beautiful kitchen.  The place where I spend A LOT of time cooking and experimenting with delicious healthy meals so I can show others how to do the same.  Inspiring healthy & balanced living! You can also smell the Harvest Spice candle mixing with the fresh outside air!!! Breakfast will be followed by a walk around our neighborhood.  Now it’s REALLY quiet, because everyone else left for work while we are enjoying personal and financial freedom.  🙂 We talk about what we have accomplished, the people we have helped and our incredible future that still lies ahead of us.  From there we go home, do whatever we feel like doing (Maybe go shopping? No looking at price tags! )  I will write in my blog to share with whatever comes to mind in hopes of inspiring and helping 1000s of people find a life of bliss and balance.  Next, we meet up with the family to go out for lunch.  If we want to have a 3 hour lunch we can, because we don’t have to go back to work from our skimpy lunch break.  (You know what I am talking about! The days when its incredible outside and you feel such peace in the air, but then followed by this pit in the bottom of your stomach because you don’t want to step foot back inside to your cubicle.) Then we will go pumpkin picking.  We will stop at my favorite store, Whole Foods on the way home so I can prep for the evening to come.  When Jared and I go home we decide… hey, lets take a spontaneous trip! Where? Well, where ever we want! Maybe Cali, Disney, Colorado, Vancouver…  Why? Because we can! We have the time and we have the money! We buy a one way plane ticket…maybe we will stay 3 days or perhaps a week.  No restrictions, no plans.  In the late evening, we invite all of our best friends/business partners to hang out and just have some fun building relationships and dreams.  Remember those pumpkins we picked up earlier?  It’s carving time! (And everyone gets to enjoy my awesome array of baked appetizers and desserts via Whole Foods quality ingredients!) Who doesn’t love finger good!? Especially healthy homemade guitless finger food!  As the evening comes to an end we get to sick back and relax and take in all of the joys of the day.  Remember what we are grateful for and speak it. 

The seaons and scenery may change, but the perfect day for me is more about a feeling.  It’s calm.  It’s bliss.  It’s balance. It’s peace of mind.  It’s also about having lifestyle options.  I own my life.
(I could probably have expanded into much more detail, but to save your eyes…and time this is the shortened version! 😉

What is your perfect day? I am excited to see your reponses!