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I hope everyone had a great start to the New Year!  It’s the perfect time to reset your goals from 2012.  Even if you feel you have reset the same goal over and over, do it again.  Perhaps you need to tweak a few things.  Life is about learning and growing.  Believe in yourself and have a little faith and this can be your year.

NYE was quiet on my end.  Unfortunately, I ended up extremely sick.  I will spare the details.  Jared took incredible care of me.  Kinda nice. 😉  But I am sad we missed out on all the goodies the guys bought on Sunday that we were supposed to make for the decked out evening.  Crab legs, shrimp, steak amongst other goodies.  Oh well, next year.

I had all the intention of posting some delicious holiday eats a little while back, but I am sorry I never got around to it.  Maybe I will throw it in some other time to bring back the holiday cheer. 🙂

A few things we did over the past week (aside from lots of sleep)…
Took my mom on date to National Harbor to see ICE Shrek The Halls

Spent some time in DC and Arlington Cemetery to watch the changing of the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
And Holiday party with great friends!

To closeout my night I am going to do day 8 of Fitnessista’s 12 Days of Fitness.  Not as hardcore as my favorite Zuzana Workouts, but it gets my body moving again since being weak the last few days.  I will honestly say I did not do every day so far.  Being sick and some late nights threw me off.  Jared and I got some hard workouts in before I got sick.  Some nights he encouraged me and others I had to be the motivator.  Always great to have a workout buddy! I do workout alone a lot too, that’s what a jammin’ playlist is for!

Last, time to try some yummy new tea to end the night! Smells good… that’s a start.

All in all, 2012 has been a great year, but I am excited for 2013.  Lots of great things are going to happen and I am sure surprises as well.  As far as my blog there will be lots of tweaking here and there, but I am really going to focus even more on living a fulfilled and balanced life (even in the midst of chaos), more new recipes, being healthy without obsessing and learning new things (together!) AND HAVING FUN!  So stay tuned.

Question of the day:
Have you set your goals for 2013? What are they?
Idea of the day:
Create a new vision board via Pinterest or a poster board.  Fun project for the whole family, kids included! Get them thinking big while still little. 😉