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Is the glass half empty or half full?  I am a half full kinda gal! Some days it may be hard to see things as so, but we always will see what we CHOOSE to see.  I was having a bit of a less than ideal day yesterday.  Sometimes I feel bad for men because they want to understand us so much but they never truly will. You know why?  Because as a woman, I think half the time we don’t understand ourselves. hah.  I mean really, our emotional roller coasters we are all guilty of…where in the world do those come from!?  Laughing, crying, excited, nervous, anxious, angry, hurt, happy… all within 1 hour this can happen to us.  But hey, we are “sisters” and all going through them together and we will get through them together. 😉  Once I took a step back to assess the “situation” and how I was handling things, I realized it was getting me no where and I knew I needed to change my attitude if I wanted to enjoy the rest of my night.  It was a CHOICE.  Even when it’s hard to do! DO IT ANYWAYS!  Put on your big girl panties.  Rest of the night… smooth sailing!  Ok, not really… but I was in a “the glass is half full” mindset now so it really ended up to be a great night! 🙂

Before we get into date night, I want to share my awesome breakfast smoothie recipe from today.  DELICIOUS!

photo 4
1 Cup of water or coconut water
1 Avocado
Half large cucumber ( I prefer mine peeled)
A few fresh mint leaves
handful of spinach
Half banana
1 scoop of Nutrilite protein powder
2 packets of NuStevia
Topped with cinnamon
Ice* optional.  Since I don’t have ice I just threw it in the freezer for a few minutes to get it more chilled.

Tweaked to my own perfection, but adapted from Kris Kar.

Date night was supposed to start out at home baking BBQ pulled chicken with my honey.  Well, things went sour from the beginning, but we stayed positive.  It was actualyl quite humorous.  My attempt at home made BBQ sauce was a major fail.  (Note to self, tomato paste is very concentrated, no need for two cans for a small batch of BBQ sauce!) As crappy as our sauce came out in EVERY WAY POSSIBLE, we decided to throw it on the chicken to bake anyways.  We do not have a crockpot so we cooked our chicken on low in the oven for a longer period of time in hopes the BBQ sauce would soften the chicken and it would shred easier.  Yea… No not really.  DISASTER! I mean, disaster! Didn’t help we didn’t even buy the right chicken! Needless to say by 7:30pm Jared said “Sooo, grab dinner out?” hah.  Hey, we all can’t be perfect in the kitchen every time.  We have to make mistakes in life to be successful so we grow and learn! 🙂

We took off and left our comfortable home, leaving our table that had been prepared with wine glasses and candles in preparation for a nice homemade hearty & romantic dinner.

And then their was Sweet Ginger.  An awesome sushi place in Vienna, VA.  A must try place if you are in the area and looking for excellent sushi.  As a former New Yorker, I am picky with my sushi!   The restaurant is very romantic, charming and sexy.

photo 2
photo 3  8
Jared trying to figure out how to use chopsticks.  🙂

We continued our date night at Bonefish Grill for this amazing Macademia Nut Brownie.  Gluten Free! Similar to a Brownie Obsession at TGIF’s if you are obsessed with those like I used to be. I would eat those when I was younger like they were going out of style before I had a health conscience!
After! 🙂  We tore that thing up.  It’s been a long time craving I was avoiding, but last night we caved.
Gosh, what a handsome date I had.  Yes, he is dressed up in a suit.  LOVE.  So sexy. Just sayin’ 😉

Last nights fitness routine:
Lauren Conrad HIIT workout

Thought of the day:
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