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If you are anything like me, your kitchen is stocked with stuff in the cabinets, pantry, fridge, freezer… yet we come home and raid to find “nothing to eat” except maybe a quick grab of cookies or pretzels.  Meanwhile, look deeper… there is food everywhere! Probably healthier choices then what you grabbed for a quick snack…
So much food and money is wasted every year.  Hey, I am guilty too.  I have thrown away my fair share of saggy dead greens that were never even opened.  Why? Laziness! It takes prep work.  But why should I prepare something if that bag of chips that I don’t have to wash or cook is in front of me?

Are you ready for the challenge? 

What? Kitchen Detox
Take the next several days to clear out what is in your kitchen.  Some of you may find you have a pretty “clean eats” haven and others may find you have a heart attack waiting to happen. 
This challenge is going to expose you to you and give you realization of areas that you may need to work on. (Whether you need to work on your creative cooking skills or maybe you need to work on a healthier choice shopping list) 
Example: *For me, I can buy the clean ingredients, I just need to work on my creativity!

Here is what I am working with…
photo 3 photo 1
Isn’t it amazing how no matter how many times you clean your fridge and cabinets it looks like this again!? 🙂
photo 2
Yep, you spotted Nutella.  Probably the only time in my life I have ever bought Nutella.  It was from the Nutella Muddy buddies I made for Superbowl.  Luckily, I am not a nutella junkie and it doesn’t tempt me much. A finger lick is good enough for me! Put a fresh warm chocolate chip cookie in front of me and that’s another story.

What this is not?
***This is not a diet! It’s just a challenge to help you start fresh***
What you choose to do after your kitchen detox is entirely up to you.

When? NOW (The next 5-7 days)

Who? This is between you and your kitchen!

1. You will save money because you get to skip the food shopping this week. (If you do need to buy things, make sure its healthy choices like greens, greens, greens!)
2. You will clear out your kitchen and cabinets to make room for healthy options.  (Things you made excuses about not buying because you claim you have “no more room” to store it)
3. You will learn how to be creative and realize what you are capable of
4. By the end, a clean kitchen is a clear head! A fresh start to a new you.
5. It will help you get organized so you know what you have and don’t have. 
6. It will reveal the truth on the kind of food you are actually eating. Maybe you will be pleased with the results.  Maybe you won’t.  If not, this is your chance to make changes.
7. Now you have an excuse to use up those luscious greens in the fridge before they go bad.
8. You will also save money over time another way because assuming that your next shopping trip you come home with healthier choices, you will in turn be healthier = less doctor visits!
9. No more rules, complicated 30 ingredient recipes or measuring cups.

1.  Put the recipe book away
2.  Don’t go to the food store except for absolutes or greens/vegetables/lean protein as needed.
3. Experiment with the items in your fridge, freezer & cabinet. DON’T COMPLICATE IT.  You will be surprised the great meals you will create.  And if you mess up? So what!? You tried.  Try again!
4. This is a gradual change over the next week.  Don’t try to rip apart your kitchen in one night.  Small changes daily = big results!

Important Tips:
1. Read the ingredients on the food you have. (Sometimes a bit scary)
2. If your kitchen is filled with canned high sodium creamy goodness, cookies, chips, ice cream and fast food Pre-made junk…
     a.  This should give you a wakeup call
     b.  Please don’t eat this every day.  Give it away or throw it out.  
          (If you are disciplined, you can save a few items for a once in a while   
           occasion or an event)
     c.  You may need to approach this challenge differently and get your butt
          to the store to pick up a few greens, lean proteins & seasonings.

*** In the spirit of Valentines Day, yall can let that night slide so you can enjoy a special evening with your love. 😉 ***