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As women, we hear all the time…get the knowledge. Protect yourselfWell, are you prepared? Do you know how to respond in any given situation that you encounter that could threaten you and/or your families safety? Or are you one of those “I’m safe, nothing will happen to me.” and wait until something happens before you believe that anyone can fall victim? Or do you prepare yourself and take precaution to PREVENT yourself from being a victim.  Whether it be sexual assault, robbery, other abuse or just simply in the wrong place at the wrong time… I want to spread the word about safety and prevention for women!

I know this is not a typical post of mine, but it was on my heart right now. A recent circumstance made me realize, wow, I have no idea how to protect myself or what to do in a scary and/or uncomfortable situation! 

So what do you do to take action to get informed and learn what you need to know? I know there are a lot of courses/classes you can take, but not everyone has the money to spend on those monthly classes.  For this reason, check your local police department or your county website and there should be information and resources for you. 

Example: Here is a FREE hands on class Fairfax County/VA offers.  http://www.fairfaxcounty.gov/police/services/women-self-defense.htm 

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And for those who live in VA, I highly recommend you take a concealed carry course.  In VA you have the right to carry (there are other states too I think, but I can’t tell you which ones, you can look it up). Carrying is not just for men!  If you are walking alone at night in a parking lot or from you car to your home/apartment, this is something good to have.. Don’t be freaked out that you need to use it and shoot.  That is a last resort. But it’s certainly a great scare tactic if you are being approached by someone who could be threatening.

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Check your area/local police dept to see what free classes are available.