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Getting ready for St. Patties Day? Try this!

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My handsome guy. 😉

BodyKey Shamrock Shake

1 Scoop of BodyKey Vanilla Meal Replacement shake with Stevia*
1/4 cup of milk (I use TJ Unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
1 Banana*
1-2 generous handful of greens (I prefer spinach and kale)
1/8 tsp of peppermint extract (seriously… this stuff is strong so use very little!!!)
Handful of ice

*This would probably work with other meal replacements/protein powders, but I can’t vouch for them. This stuff is so friggin awesome and healthy. Full of probiotics (builds/repairs immune system), 22 essential vitamins and minerals, 15g protein, plant sterols (lowers bad cholesterol), gluten and dairy free AND FILLING AS EVER!
*If you are watching you sugar (yes banana is a fruit, but still high in sugar), I recommend replacing it with avocado or about 1/4-1/2 cup PLAIN (has no added sugar) greek yogurt.
The avocado is fat, yes… but its very healthy fat and aids in weight loss. The greek yogurt will add extra protein. If you go either of these routes, add extra stevia in to sweeten if needed. I adore the brand NuNaturals Stevia. Not bitter at all like most other Stevia. The maltodextrin is what removes some of the bitterness. I know some people are anti-maltodextrin, but it does not bother me in such small amounts.

Other Tips:
*Optional superfood add-ins with additional antioxidants, fiber and other health benefits: Chia seeds, maca powder, flax seed to name a few
*Although I am not an alcohol person aside from the occasional glass of wine, feel free to add a little zest of your own to include some Irish tradition.

Everyone has different taste buds, so tweak in areas that make you happier!!!!

Upcoming recipes in the works to look out for:
Avocado Dream
White Chocolate
Caribbean Breeze
Strawberries n Cream
Chocolate PB Blast (posted yesterday on FB)

If anyone has suggestions on what they would like to see, let me know. I can’t promise I will get to it right away, but I will work on it. And if you try this one, let me know what you think! Jared loved this one and he never lies to me. Nor does he enjoy green things. So he gave me the approval to post this recipe after my 3rd try making this one. haha – Yep, that means I waste a lot of meal replacement/protein powder lately. Eek! But I don’t want to give you guys crap recipes so it’s worth my waste of money. 🙂