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life & health coaching: cjholistics.com

I love life, health, food and my boyfriend Jared!

Ok I know that’s not a good summary about me so I will try my best to give a longer, short version of the above. ūüôā

I was born in Connecticut, moved to NY (Long Island) when I was about 6 and now I currently reside in Northern Virginia aka the¬†“Virgina is for lovers” state.¬† How true that is! ūüėČ ¬†I moved here May of 2011 and I can’t be happier!¬† I met my boyfriend Jared on September 25, 2011.¬† We knew the day we met that both our lives were changed forever and we wanted to spend our lifetime together.¬† It was the most romantic first date of my life… dinner at a classy french restaurant in Georgetown, followed by a grand 1-1 tour of DC by Jared.¬† He is currently a full-time DC¬†Firefigher so he knew his way around pretty well which was a bonus.¬†¬† He is my best friend, along with my brother Brandon & my sister-n-law Victoria and Ciara.¬† I am sure you will hear a lot about them in the near future.¬† Another blessing in the last few months was I became an Aunt on November 14, 2011.¬† Call me biased, but Austin really is the cutest baby in the world.¬† He’s my little man. ūüôā¬† Family is always #1 in my life!¬† My mom, dad, aunts, uncles, brother, sister-n-law, friends & mentors have each impacted me and shaped me in one way, shape or form.

I am truly blessed that not only can I call Jared, Brandon, Victoria & my mom family and best friends, but I also get to call them business partners.  We work in leadership development.  The business we have together is more than just a business, it has been a life changer.  Together, we want to change lives for the better and leave a legacy.

Going back a little bit to my younger years, life was not as fun.¬† I let others tease me and put me down and it really put a damper on my self esteem and attitude. This lasted since I was a young girl and followed me throughout high school and even into the beginning years of college.¬† I spent many nights hurt, crying, angry, upset & lost.¬† I never knew how attitude draws our life for us.¬† We create our reality with what we think, speak & believe.¬† So naturally, in my mind my life progressively got worse with my poor attitude, which led to numerous health setbacks.¬† I will skip a few chapters in my life for now so this doesn’t get too lengthy, but I deeply wanted to start feeling better with my own health so I started to develop a passion for healthy holistic living shaped around food, fitness & attitude.¬† I am not religious, but spiritual rather and I am a big believer in always having faith.¬† Faith is probably my favorite word, because once I learned to have faith and how to overcome challenges, my life turned around.¬† It’s by far not a perfect life, there is no such thing, but it’s a happy one! Perfection does not equal happiness.¬†¬†Combine a Leo¬†and melancholy personality – perfection¬†can be¬†a hard thing to overcome!¬†¬† In my deep search of wanting to learn about myself and what my¬†purpose in life is I¬†discovered¬†Institute for Integrative Nutrition.¬† In 2010-2011 I got certified as a holistic health coach.¬† This opened me up to even more new adventures in my life as I continue to learn about myself.¬† My journey thus far has been nothing short of entertaining, exciting & full of surprises.¬† So where does this blog fall into all this?¬† Simply because I love to learn, grow, help, share & inspire.¬† Even if I only change one persons life in my lifetime it would all be worth it!

If it was not for Victoria, this blog wouldn’t exist.¬† It’s because of her encouragement and passion for understanding my passion that inspired me to move forward with what I love.

When life throws a curveball…take a deep breath, have faith & smile.


Health Coach via the Institute for Integrative Nutrition

American Association of Drugless Practitioners (AADP)

Level 3 Reiki Healing


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